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酥油套裝包括 Ghee Lamp Set included

1. 印度食用級純牛奶酥油1升 Indian edible pure ghee 1 litre

2. 印度黃銅酥油燈座 India Brass Ghee Lamp 高Height7cm 寬Width8.5cm

3. 酥油燈芯 Ghee Lamp Wick



What is ghee? It is an important edible oil in Indian tradition and the highest religious oil for lamps.



Ghee does not involve killing, but the oil that separates the water and oil by constantly stirring the milk.



In terms of food, Tibetans make butter tea essential materials, and Indians also use it for cooking to add aroma to the food.



Religiously, since ghee is made from the milk of sacred cows, it is traditionally the best religious oil in Hinduism and Buddhism. Including burning lamps, fire offerings, bathing, etc. Lighting the butter lamp represents the eradication of the darkness of ignorance and the emergence of wisdom and light. Indian feng shui believes that burning butter lamps can bring light, and when burning, it will also bring very pure energy to the space, which can purify the space.



Now many so-called ghee or vegetable ghee used for lamps on the market can actually be called real ghee, because those only use palm oil or soybean oil to add pigments and flavors, so they cannot be eaten. In Indian tradition, palm oil and soybean oil are also unlucky oils and are not suitable for religious lamps. However, many businessmen lied that precious pure ghee was killed because it was animal oil, and then asked people to use the so-called vegetable ghee that was cheap and unprofitable.



Therefore, if you need to use it as a lamp for blessing or to purify the space, you must use real milk ghee. It is also edible and is often used in traditional Indian medicine.


酥油燈套裝 Ghee Lamp Set

HK$300.00 一般價格
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