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 The knowledge of making the handmade incense stick 

1.Mixing the natural traditional medical herbs by there medical characteristics and the fragrance properties.
2.  Use the flour sieve to exclude the coarse incense powder as only fine powder is suitable for making incense sticks.
3.Storage the find incense powder for some time for merging different fragrance into one.
4. Mixing the the incense powder with the natural incense binder.
5.Adding water to the incense powder that mixed with the natural incense binder.
6.Keep twisting the mixture in order to make it blended perfectly.
7.Hitting the mixture in order to squeeze out the air inside.
8.Using a incense stick utensil to squeeze the mixture out as the shape of incense stick.
9. Putting the incense stick together tightly to prevent bending. Cool it for one week.
10.Putting the incense stick into the tube carefully after separating them. (they may stick together during the drying process)
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