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沉香是四大名香“沉檀龍麝”之首。早在宋代,東莞沉香已經非常有名,香港也就是在當時開始成爲種植以及販運東莞沉香的地方,因而被命名香港。而香港在宋代的時候屬於東莞縣。因爲地域和氣候相近, 所以味道相約,所以包括香港在内出產的沉香都可以成爲東莞沉香。當然現在香港並沒有沉香種植場,所以本堂特選東莞沉香讓大家品嘗一下我們廣東沉香的魅力, 最接近香港的味道。比起國内大力吹捧的海南沉香來説,東莞沉香味道非常甜美而溫柔,非常容易接受。本品是用精選東莞培植沉香製作,讓人能欣賞廣東沉香的魅力,又能保育野生土沉香。 

Among the spices that used for making incense, attar and perfume, agarwood is the first of the four most famous incenses spices. As early as the Song Dynasty (around 1000 years ago) , Dongguan Agarwood was already very famous. At that time, Hong Kong began to become a place where Dongguan Agarwood was grown and trafficked, so it was named Hong Kong (Fragrance Harbour). Hong Kong belonged to Dongguan County during the Song Dynasty. Because the region and climate are similar, the taste is similar, so all agarwood produced in Hong Kong can be claimed as Dongguan agarwood. Of course, there are no agarwood plantings in Hong Kong now, so we specially select Dongguan agarwood to let everyone taste the charm of our Canton agarwood, which is the closest to the taste of Hong Kong. Compared with the Hainan agarwood that is highly touted in China, the Dongguan agarwood smells very sweet and gentle, and is very easy to accept. This product is made with selected cultivated Dongguan agarwood, so that people can appreciate the elegant fragrance of Dongguan agarwood and preserve wild agarwood as well.




Width: around 4.5cm

20 coils/ each box

Burning time per coil: around 2hrs

東莞培植沉香盤香 2小時 2hrs Dongguan Cultivated Agarwood Incense Coil

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