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性味歸經: 辛、苦,溫。入肝、脾、胃、大腸經。

功能主治: 行氣止痛,溫中和胃。治中寒氣滯,胸腹脹痛,嘔吐,反胃,泄瀉,痢疾里急后重,癥瘕疼痛,蟲積腹痛。生用行氣止痛;煨用止瀉。

Common Vladimiria 

The medical usage:

​Curing flatulence and pain in the abdomen, diarrhea, vomiting caused by weak digestion. For bronchitis, digestive tract infection: yeast infection, dysentery, and lack of appetite.


This product is for aromatherapy only, not for any medical purposes, please do not take it (not edible).

木香37.5g包 Common Vladimiria 37.5g Package

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