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桂香月線香以檀為基調配上溫甜桂花輔以六味香料。花香清甜,溫暖散寒。 以香甜、芳香和胃的檀香為基調,加入桂花,並輔以具芳香理氣、除濕功效的傳統香料作為襯托,以突顯檀香和桂花的溫甜和讓整體更有層次感。




The"Osmanthus Fragrance Moon" Incense stick
Usingthe sweet sandalwood that can rectify the stomach with aromatics as the base.Added the sweet osmanthus that can warm lung and transform rheum, dissipatecold and relieve pain; and some herbs with the function of rectifying qi witharomatics, transforming dampness, warming the interior and quiet the heart andopen the orifices for balancing and bring out the elegant smell of sandalwood and osmanthus. 

Length: about 21cm
45 sticks/ each roll
Burning time: around 30min

桂香月線香 Osmanthus Fragrance Moon Incense stick

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