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性味與歸經: 辛、苦,溫。歸心、胃經。 

功能與主治: 開竅豁痰,醒神益智,化濕開胃。用于神昏癲癇,健忘失眠,耳鳴耳聾,脘痞不饑,噤口下痢。


Acorus Root 

The medical usage:

Being mainly used in delirium, epilepsy, coronary diseases, angina, arrhythmia, stroke, vertigo, ringing in the ears, atrophic gastritis, external injury of the brain, mentally handicapped/disabled.


This product is for aromatherapy only, not for any medical purposes, please do not take it (not edible).

菖蒲37.5g包 Acorus Root 37.5g Package

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