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- 適合隔火薰香法/電香爐/香薰燈使用








In the Tang and Song Dynasties, literati generally liked to mix a variety of fragrant herbs and honey to make incense, and then use the method of Monkoh to taste. Today, practicing incense is still common in Japanese Incense.


In addition to the use of fine Chinese herbal , the making of incense pastille requires more than a few months of cellaring, so that the fragrants of different herbs  are integrated.


The "Clear Cool Moon"
Using the sweet sandalwood as the base.  Herbs are added with the rectifying qi quality,  able to transform humidity kept inside the human body, warming the interior and quiet the heart.


Quantity: 10 tablets


清涼月練香 Clear Cool Moon Incense Pastille (Nerikoh)

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