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清涼月塗香 (約10克)



Scented blooming powder is a very fine special incense powder, reaching 150 mesh. It was very popular in ancient India, and the culture of using scented blooming powder also flowed into the Ancient China with Buddhism. In Buddhism, incense is one of the six offerings. The ancients would apply scented blooming powder before copying sutra or attending religious ceremonies to cleanse the body and mind and remove body odors. Apply it to your hands or body and let your body temperature evaporate the fragrance. Sweat is unavoidable when the weather is hot, applying it can make you feels refreshing.


The "Clear Cool Moon" Scented Blooming Powder (About 10g)

Based on the sweet and fragrant sandalwood, a variety of traditional spices are added as a foil to highlight the taste of sandalwood. The smell is fresh and hearty.



If it causes skin allergies, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

清涼月塗香 Clear Cool Moon Scented Blooming Powder

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