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溫度:50-250 C


精油 大約50~140C

香粉、大約香片、練香、香木碎 150~200C
香木塊 大約210-250C

The electric incense burner has a wide range of uses, and can be used to use various forms of spices such as essential oils, Incense Pastille (Nerikoh), incense powder, incense tablets, incense wood chips, incense wood blocks, and resin. The advantage of the electronic incense burner is that it can be used for warming the incense gently without using candles or charcoal, and it can be warmed the incense without producing smoke , which is convenient for indoor and office use as just connect to the electricity then it can be functioned . And because of the slow-warming of the incense, the fragrance can last for more than an hour. However, the smell must be weaker than that of burning incense.


Since resin fragrances are melted by heat, in order to facilitate cleaning, resin fragrances must be wrapped in aluminium foil or made into small plates to carry the resin. If the resin fragrance is used up, the whole piece of aluminium foil tin foil can be discarded.Other fragrant powders, fragrant flakes, fragrant wood chips, and fragrant wood pieces are not required.


Incense burner specifications:

Voltage: 220V

Power: 5W-250W

Temperature: 50-250 C

With timing function: 1~6 hours

Two-pin plug

Comes with stainless steel plate, incense spoon, incense clip, incense burner wooden base.

Height width depth: 10cm

Temperature usage reference:
Essential oil about 50~140C
Incense powder, Incense Pastille (Nerikoh), fragrant wood chips 150~200C
Fragrant wood block about 210-250C


汝窯電子薰香爐 Electric Incense Burner

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