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Lakawood is one of the commonly used incense in ancient China. It has the effects of promoting qi and blood circulation, relieving pain and anti-depressant. In Taoism, it is considered to be the spice with the best purifying power, so Taoism highly recommends using it as an offering to the gods. We purchase high-quality rosewood, which has a mild taste and the fragrance of coconut milk. It is a good product for daily worship and aromatherapy at home.

According to religious requirements, the bamboo stick feet are dyed red with food coloring, so please feel free to use them.



長度:約48.5cm 唐尺一尺六寸長

Burning Time: Around 2.5 hour

Quantity: 45PCS

Length: about 48.5cm

尺六 降真香竹籤香 48.5cm Lakawood Bamboo Stick

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